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'Beyond the Horizon' is an exclusive unfolding compilation of musical ideas from AATT themes with the use of various styles & approaches.
It features 23 new arrangements from different artists as homage to the works of 'The Trees and for your pleasure.

Enjoy the diversity of approach!

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» Jacob Fleet | Le Chaos Entre 2 Chaises - 02'2010   [6.01 min]

     featuring ... Aube L on vocals -
I thought about the `Jacob Fleet´ cover while working on a musical project about travels, the sea, and realizing I could collaborate, thanks to Internet, with other artists all over the World    ... read more
» Sea Chance | Cryptic Scenery - 05'2009   [4.19 min]
so it seemed tempting to have a go at one of the songs included on this release. Although there are a number of tracks that I could see myself re-interpreting, 'Sea Change' fitted     ... read more
» The House Of The Heart | Dark Orange - 04'2009   [4.41 min]
To start with an interpretation of the Trees`The House of the Heart´ was a must-do as these wonderful people and the band itself will have a house in Dark Orange´s heart forever. Another reason to     ... read more
» Red Valentino | Golden Apes - 10'2008   [5.36 min]
You can say 'Red Valentino' came to us by chance; if you believe in chances. ... one night Peer wanted us to have a closer look at 'Red Valentino', cause he liked its atmosphere, its feverishness and its balancing act between motivation and illusion! 'That was it!'    ... read more
» Missing | De Volanges - 05'2008   [10.49 min]
« Missing » stood out in the end for various reasons: a very open structure, the obsessive nature of the rythm, peculiar lyrics and the impression it leaves behind of a journey, making this piece akin to many last songs of AATT albums    ... read more
» Twilights Pool | Babel 17 - 03'2008   [4.28 min]
They never went again in this musical direction, it’s a rare black diamond. We thought that there was some chemical-Dub accents on the AATT’s original    ... read more
» Roulette | Magnetfisch - 12'2007   [4.01 min]
While electronic, our version of Roulette is not industrial: yet the pizzicato-strings in the intro & outro are a hint at the song 'Did you miss me' by fellow    ... read more
» Anchor Yard | Jérôme Avril (Mary Goes Round) - 09'2007   [4.00 min]
I didn't know much about AATT but at the end of the tour, I was a fan! And since this moment, AATT music has always been around me.    ... read more
» Brother Fear | Monicas Last Prayer - 06'2007   [4.06 min]
In between sessions I would drive around the Warwickshire countryside listening to Angelfish at full volume, mostly with 'Brother Fear' on repeat play... I still feel my soul start to rise     ... read more
» Talk Without Words | My Eternal Thief - 04'2007   [5.00 min]
I wanted to visit some of the songs that have been important in my life, and I couldn’t very well do that without paying homage to AATT - so the search was identify     ... read more

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Thanks to Jose S. and Lars B.
Very Special Thanks to all contributing artists for their enthusiasm!

Songs for download may change or only featured for some time.

all songs written by And Also the Trees
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Echoes, photo (by) George Georgiou, digital enstranged (by) Frank M. Liegibel

'And Also The Trees Untangled'

Very Special Thanks

And Also The Trees
for unreserved allowing to take on their songs.

And Also The Trees Untangled