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'Beyond the Horizon' is an exclusive unfolding compilation of musical ideas from AATT themes with the use of various styles & approaches.
It features 23 new arrangements from different artists as homage to the works of 'The Trees and for your pleasure.

Enjoy the diversity of approach!

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» Scarlet Arch | No it is opposition - 10'2006   [6.11 min]
At first sight, this song appears to be a typical example of an early 80’s old-fashioned New Wave song, but under its surface it is much more. We feel that this song    ... read more
» Scythe & Spade | Vestfalia´s Peace - 01'2005   [5.31 min]
The original version of Scythe and Spade with all its shadows conquered our minds so we decided to homage AATT with our new wave version as we could breathe in the taste of albums like    ... read more
» Dialogue | Malcolm Lowry - 01'2005   [5.03 min]
Instead my intention was that the voice should sound very intimate and dense to the listener and that at the same time the music should felt like a dream-sequence within a movie: ...just like the feeling of regret about a lost love for an unused chance as one would    ... read more
» There Was A Man Of Double Deed | The Pale Flowers - 11'2004   [3.14 min]
With our version we wanted to emphasize the lullabyesque feel of the original Celtic lyrics and we also tried to intensify the maritime flair of the song we have always felt...    ... read more
» The Pear Tree | Arc Gotic - 10'2004   [4.31 min]
It didn't take us long to see the importance of this discovery. We prefer their romantic period so this is why we chose 'The Pear Tree'. It was hard to agree upon a song because the songs we like the most are not necessarily the best choice for a cover    ... read more
» Another Bullet Head | Karsten Nielson - 05'2004   [5.00 min]
...In The Klaxon period some personal changes in my life took place and made that album very special for me. I was delighted when I discovered that the Klaxon Tour was comming to Copenhagen and I had the opportunity to hear and see    ... read more
» The Reply | The Rainfall Years - 04'2004   [4.30 min]
... but most important was that this song contains elements of both the new And Also The Trees sound as well as some older, more classic ones like the changes in dynamics and the quick and lurking guitar. It sums    ... read more
» L'Unica Strada | Frédéric Truong (Leitmotiv) - 02'2004   [2.13 min]

     new specially re-recorded version, different than the one on the album: 'histoires sans parole'
1985 - "Maps in her wrists & arms" was the first title I heard from AATT. It was on a compilation I got from a magazine - Abstract Magazine. I was 19 at the time and it was an emotional shock. Justin's guitar was    ... read more
» Mermen of the lea | Mindfields - 02'2004   [4.06 min]
Listening to AATT has always been an experience like looking at paintings or photographs for it has the power of creating such precise images. And choosing a song was quite    ... read more
» The Suffering of the Stream | IMWI - 06'2003   [4.19 min]
... when I listened "The Suffering of the stream" again, I figured out a different approach. The song could be slowed, languished, and splitted in a duet between him and her: He remembering his love, she floating in the river. As IMWI is a guitar-based band another duet emerged    ... read more

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Thanks to Jose S. and Lars B.
Very Special Thanks to all contributing artists for their enthusiasm!

Songs for download may change or only featured for some time.

all songs written by And Also the Trees
song interpretations (c) by each artist
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Echoes, photo (by) George Georgiou, digital enstranged (by) Frank M. Liegibel

'And Also The Trees Untangled'

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And Also The Trees
for unreserved allowing to take on their songs.

And Also The Trees Untangled